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Healthcare for the community by people who care

Comments from the Doc

We strive to take the best care of our patients and deliver the best service possible. We are all God’s creations and not God; therefore, we occasionally reflect our human qualities in our work duties. Please bring any of these problems and issues up to our attention as soon as possible and we will do the best job we can to correct them in a timely manner.

Diabetic patients must have an annual foot exam, annual eye exam, as well as your annual labs plus every 3 months your hemoglobin A1c is mandatory.  All of the preceding must be documented in your chart here at the clinic.  In addition the flu shots, and pneumonia shots, are all mandatory.  If you are deficient on any of these areas please contact the clinic for an appointment and/or discussion with the nurse or with me.

All other patient’s will have their annual labs at minimum, as well as their annual physical.  For all appointments we appreciate it if you would bring your medication so that we may document your current medications and review the medications that you’re on at each visit.

Lab values brought into our clinic for review cannot be verified by our clinic staff. We have no way to verify time drawn, who drew the lab, that the person drawn was our patient, or any way to track the samples used for values. We can only verify the labs ordered by us to labs we authorized.

If you are having chest pain or any other acute problem please call the clinic and discuss this with our nurse.  She will probably refer you to the emergency room, and if the problem is felt to be non-emergent we will work you in at the clinic.

Our goal is to provide the best service possible in the maintaining and treatment of your health problems.  Our door is always open and we will be here to treat you as needed.